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A few years ago we realized how we grew tired of not understanding what was written in the ingredients of our personal care products. You should not need a dictionary to comprehend what these products are made of. We decided to take matters into our own hands. We became aware that what we put on our bodies was just as important as what we put in our mouths. AIAN was built on knowing better and doing better. We would like to be a part of your journey to Natural. Our mission is to bring options for cleaner healthier products to the public and to raise awareness about the effects of toxins in our personal care products.

The Company

AIAN was created in 2016

Our intentions have always been to do better once we know better.

The lack of natural skin care in our local stores lead us to create simple clean products designed to keep your skin care as natural as nature intended.  Our family is dedicated to making skin and hair care natural and easy with comprehensive ingredients.

We carry a men’s line as well and a variety of essential oils.

Natural skin care should not be so hard when nature makes it so easy

We Care

If your having any trouble while browsing our site, just send us a message on our contact us page and we’ll do our best to help you navigate our site.

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Sourcing only the best

We take the time to research and source only the best ingredients.  Certified organic and Natural ingredients.

24/7 availability.

Email us at info@aian.com


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